About Us


Edwards Editing Services began as a service to doctoral students providing grammar and format editing for scholarly literature.  We have expanded to include business, personal, and published-works editing, and our goal is to pursue excellence in our partnership with and service to you.  We realize the importance of quality when it comes to the grammar and format of your document; your readers require a clear, solid grammatical and formatting foundation before they can access your ideas.  The details of writing can be overwhelming – let us help you with the dirty work so you can focus on the content.


Edwards Editing Services is committed to do our best to serve you by correcting and formatting your project so that your readers will concentrate on your ideas rather than the mechanical elements of writing. While working in the D.Min. office at Dallas Theological Seminary from 2006-2007, the school demanded perfection, and the students struggled to meet its expectations.  To help these students, I began grammar editing and formatting students’ work to make their writing experience enjoyable and successful. Thus, Edwards Editing Services was born.  Over the years, I have learned that expectations are high in other avenues of life as well.  Consumers demand high quality writing from businesses; the grammar and formatting of their documents and websites can make or break a company. Edwards Editing has expanded to work with doctoral students and authors all over the country. These demands are our specialty, and we hope to partner with you to make your academic or writing experience professional and appealing.

I want to serve you in any way I can, and my team of contract editors wish to do the same.  Our hope is that we can partner with you to make your project a masterpiece.